I was referred to Mr. Staton by my orthopedic surgeon to determine if Mr. Staton could alleviate chronic lower back pain. Prior to visiting Mr. Staton, I had invested nine months of chiropractic therapy, undergone both X-ray and MRI diagnostic procedures, visited a physical therapist at the request of an orthopedic specialist and used yoga for stretching exercise.

None had been able to drop the pain threshold below a 4-5 on a ten point pain scale and I frequently experienced periods where the pain was in the 6-8 category. Use of pain medication did provide some relief but the pain would return when I ceased taking the medication. The debilitation resulting from the pain limited my daily activity and made extended sleep impossible resulting in chronic fatigue.

My first visit with Mr. Staton was not exactly as expected. I had in mind a nice relaxing massage but was surprised by pinpoint static pressure on muscle attachment with precise movement of limbs. Mr. Staton suggested that over the next 18 hours I might experience an increase in pain that would then recede. He was wrong! I experienced no increase in pain and had immediate relief dropping the pain index to a 3-4. Subsequent visits brought the pain index to a stable 2-3.


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