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The pain and tension relief from Clarke working on my shoulders and neck made me a believer in massage therapy and what it can do.

I have known Clarke Staton for quite some time and have followed his massage therapy training with interest. Having known Clarke for as long as I have, I know his concern for helping his clients is heartfelt and keeps him seeking more and more intensive training to better serve his clients. My problem is that we live in different states, otherwise I would be a regular.


For me, therapeutic massage is a key component in preventative health care. My monthly massage with Hope at IHT is always a soothing and relaxing experience for body and soul. But I've been pleasantly surprised to discover that massage offers numerous health benefits as well. My regular massage boosts my immune system, preventing me from catching the colds that otherwise plague me. Additionally, regular massage has helped me to manage an anxiety disorder without the use of medication. I benefited greatly from prenatal massage while pregnant with my second child. Of course I love the serene atmosphere at IHT, but I've learned that for me, massage is not a luxury but an important part of a wholistic approach to wellness. Hope is a gifted therapist who balances sound knowledge with a warm and welcoming approach. I cannot recommend her highly enough!



As a single mother of two teenagers and two jobs and going to college full time my life can be very stressful. I am always the one that puts everyone else’s needs before my own. To me massage was a luxury that I couldn’t afford. After meeting with Hope and having her explain to me the benefits of massage I now see that massage is not a luxury it’s a necessity. Being on a routine massage regime can lessen your stress and anxiety levels, reduce pain and stiffness and increase overall emotional health. As a client of Hope I can honestly say that without a doubt she accomplishes all of these for me and more. A massage with Hope is money that is well invested in my well being that makes me a better mother, employee and friend. Thanks so much Hope for taking such good care of me.



Hope... Thank you so much for the massage. My body is feeling revived and I can feel the benefits of a more relaxed neck, shoulders and back with just the one massage. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to make me feel whole again. Your patience and diligence is exactly what people need to feel their best. I realize that scheduling a massage can be very uncomfortable for those that have never experienced a massage..or for those that have been going to the same Massage Therapist for a long time as I had been...but I will definitely be telling my family and friends of your wonderful services!


I was referred to Mr. Staton by my orthopedic surgeon to determine if Mr. Staton could alleviate chronic lower back pain. Prior to visiting Mr. Staton, I had invested nine months of chiropractic therapy, undergone both X-ray and MRI diagnostic procedures, visited a physical therapist at the request of an orthopedic specialist and used yoga for stretching exercise.

None had been able to drop the pain threshold below a 4-5 on a ten point pain scale and I frequently experienced periods where the pain was in the 6-8 category. Use of pain medication did provide some relief but the pain would return when I ceased taking the medication. The debilitation resulting from the pain limited my daily activity and made extended sleep impossible resulting in chronic fatigue.

My first visit with Mr. Staton was not exactly as expected. I had in mind a nice relaxing massage but was surprised by pinpoint static pressure on muscle attachment with precise movement of limbs. Mr. Staton suggested that over the next 18 hours I might experience an increase in pain that would then recede. He was wrong! I experienced no increase in pain and had immediate relief dropping the pain index to a 3-4. Subsequent visits brought the pain index to a stable 2-3.


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