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backpainWe all have physical pain in our lives at one time or another, whether through injury or dysfunction. Some choose not to deal with it and just tough it out; “This is the hand I have been dealt...,” “I just have to live with it,” “Everyone has aches and pains,” or “It's just part of life”. Well, if you have been dealt that hand, for pity's sake, PLAY IT! Sometimes the most debilitating pain can be eliminated by the most simple means. But you need to look for an answer. Pain actually drains your energy reserves and leaves you tired and depressed.

IHT uses scientifically proven muscle tests (orthopedic assessment) to find the area of dysfunction in order to treat it specifically.


Aside from muscle testing and the detective work that follows, PNMT (Precision Neruomuscular Therapy) and Soft Tissue Release techniques are used to treat those areas of dysfunction. PNMT attempts to tailor your treatment specificly for you. As opposed to other therapeutic massages where you zone out and enjoy, constant feedback is needed from you to keep on track. Your active engagement will be met with input from the therapist, letting you know what they are looking for and why. Treatments are not to be seen as an alternative to a physicians care, but as a complementary treatment to help recovery come faster and, hopefully, more completely.


  • Slip & Fall- If you have fallen forward onto your arms you may have pain in the forearms, the neck and shoulders, or upper back. Slipping and sitting down hard can cause ligaments in the hips and lower back to cause pain months, even years, later.
  •  Low back pain- truckers or drivers of any sort and office workers spend long periods of time in a seated position. The abdominal muscles adjust to this shortened position and when the person stands up or is laying flat while sleeping the muscles start pulling on their attachment points and cause pain.
  • Drivers can also develop a general, non-localized pain between their shoulders for the same reason.
  • pinandstretchPeople on computers or who do physical labor with their hands can develop numbness, tingling and pain in their hands and arms.
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries- Lifting, throwing, twisting and turning are common in all kinds of warehouse work and the frequency of them can cause pain and injury in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs.
  • Athletics- Any sport can cause injury.
  • Police, Military, Firefighters, and EMT's are forced to push their bodies to the limit and beyond to help the country and community. We offer special rates for you guys!



What should I expect for my appointment?

Bring loose fitting clothing that can move with out restriction (track or yoga pants, shorts and t-shirts or sports bras). During your assessment the muscle testing requires the body to be able to have free Range of Motion. Treatments can possibly be done while clothed, but if not, you will be properly draped/covered.

Will this make my pain worse?

Not necessarily. For about 36 hours after a treatment you may experience additional muscle soreness but not an increase in your symptoms. At the same time, you will probably feel a bit looser and better movement.

achillesjpgWhen should I notice a difference?

Sometimes it's immediate and sometimes it takes a while. Patience and persistence is the key.

What conditions do you deal with?

Whether it's a complex or chronic pain issue or mundane aches and pains from work or play, massage can help.

Whiplash— After an accident, some of the many neck muscles can be involved and treated.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)— Pain in the shoulder and arm. Numbness and tingling in the arms and hands as well as fatigability, swelling, coolness and color of the extremities. 33% of whiplash patients have TOS. 56% of all TOS is caused by motor vehicle accidents.

Certain types of headaches— Cervicogenic Headaches and Tension Type Headaches (TTH)

Orofacial Pain— Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD aka TMJ) which include ear symptoms, headaches, neck, jaw, and upper shoulder pain, clicking or grating with jaw movement, limited mouth opening, difficulty swallowing and dizziness.

Rotator Cuff issues— there are indications that rehab and exercise can return the rotator cuff muscles to the same levels that surgery and rehab can.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and symptoms that mimic CTS— Numbness, tingling and pain in the hands is a symptom of but not a diagnosis of CTS. From the spine to the hands, there are several areas that have the capacity to entrap nerves that can produce CTS symptoms.

Trigger Thumb

Back pain of all kinds— upper middle and lower. And yes, a back ache IS back pain. It could be a problem or an alert to let you know a problem is on it's way. Better to find out early.

Sore feet, tarsal tunnel, compartment syndrome, shin splints, pulled hamstrings, quads or calf muscles, Sacroiliac Joint issues are all things that can be helped by massage.

Basically IHT has you covered from head to toe. Call for your free assessment now. You have nothing to lose but your pain.

We offer free pain management consultations.

Call for yours today.

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