Humans cannot function well without physical touch of their fellow man. Touching used to be our primary way to communicate in the early stages of our history and our bodies never lost the need for it. Even though we have evolved to use speech and much higher functioning our bodies still need the platonic touch of our fellow man.

Our other senses are important, but, physical touch proves to have the most positive results on the human psyche. Not only are you experiencing a bonding moment between you and someone else, but you are also releasing very important chemicals from your brain to the rest your body when you do so.

So below are 5 very good reasons to start connecting with your fellow human beings:

1. For Recovering
You need physical touch in order to recover from something traumatic that has happened to you. The touch of caregivers or loved one will help you recover. Touch, when dealing with a traumatic event will help you heal, emotionally and physically. Lowering your stress levels, providing a feeling of emotional and physical safety will aid in your bodies recovery. Even if you are still hurt and recovering from something so traumatic, allow yourself to experience other humans tending to your burden. You will feel weightless once you do so.
2. For Mental Health
People who are suffering from negative emotional states or disorders can greatly benefit from touch. Much like people who are recovering, a touch from a friend or loved one can make the sufferer feel loved, important, safe, comforted. Touch can fill them with many positive emotions that they are struggling to find at the moment.
3. For Others
Physical touch can bring you so much closer to those around you. This is how we can connect and understand each other is by letting ourselves be vulnerable with one another and trusting them with all of what makes us miserable. We connect to each other by experiencing each other's plight, we can make it easy on each other by expressing ourselves through physical touch.

4. For Personal Needs
If you are able to express yourself in the right way, physical touch can get you exactly what you need in that moment in time. Just by placing your hand on someone's shoulder while you are speaking to them almost forces their eyes to stay on yours. Touching someone else can help them feel more relaxed, can put someone at ease so you can more easily get your point across.

5. For Communication
Body language has proven to be one the most important languages in the entire world. So universal in so many ways, we often underestimate the power of body language. It is important that we convey what our intentions are through our body language as well as physical touch. For instance, giving someone a hug. Your body language demonstrates that you want them to feel safe, wanted, loved, etc. and they will feel exactly those emotions all from your body language.

Touch can be healing and a necessity to mental health. Try every day to give your loved ones a hug and express to them that you care. It will benefit you both!

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