Massage is a technique often used to promote relaxation in the body. There are several techniques that massage therapists can specialize in including prenatal, sports massage, deep tissue massage and more. While the techniques and applications vary massage has one thing in common across the board: it is used to promote your well-being.

When it comes to our daily lives we often forget about taking care of ourselves. There is work,  laundry, food shopping, the cat needs to be fed, you got a flat name it! Each day is packed full of “chores” and these chores can start to build stress inside your body. A stressed body can manifest into physical pain and even illness! It is never too late to start thinking about massage and making it a part of your wellness plan.

Here are some benefits to having regular massage sessions:

  1. Relieves Stress and reduces tension by promoting relaxation.

  2. Reduces Anxiety.

  3. Improves sleep.

  4. Reduce pain from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and more.

  5. Reduce the frequency of tension headaches and migraines.

  6. Help with healing after surgery or injury.

  7. Enhance sports performance.

  8. Aid in your quality of sleep.

  9. Lowers your blood pressure.


Massage can do all of these things and more. Don’t just go through the paces of day to day life. Start living and let massage work away the stress, tension and pain. It is never too late to start thinking about you and your health! Start your journey to wellness with massage!

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